Groundwork Portland, a trust of Groundwork USA, was established in 2007. Since then, we've become a leading voice for low-income communities and people of color in the fight for environmental, economic, and social justice in Portland.

We focus on three areas.

1. Youth workforce development: Our Green Team program provides funded, environmentally focused job and leadership training for youth and young-adults.

2. Eco-entrepreneurism: We identify local environmental opportunities and catalyze them into tools that strengthen community resilience and the local economy.

3. Environmental Equity Engagement: We first gather input from communities through community-informed outreach. We then drive change by bringing these diverse voices to the environmental policy-making table at the governmental and business levels.

Our Mission

Groundwork Portland is a non-profit organization that brings about improvement of the environment in low-income communities, while promoting awareness of environmental and social justice.

“We got the chance to take in knowledge and work ethics that could help us years from now — opportunities to help better our lives, something to look forward to, such as college and jobs with good pay!”
— Ra’eesah, Member of the 2012 Green Team

We can't do this work without your support. Help us bring Portland's most-impacted communities the tools to overcome economic and environmental barriers.