Our Portland

Clark Henry, City of Portland Brownfield Program, talks to students at local brownfield
Our Portland is a community- based school project designed to teach students about environmental justice, brownfields, social capial, and the history of oppression in their communities. In addition to a typical classroom-based curriculum, the students get out into the City of Portland to learn about brownfields in their own communites. Outside of the classroom, students learn from partners of Groundwork Portland.

The term-long collaboration culminates in a display of photographs, writings, and scientific research projects by the students.

Our Portland ends with Intersections, a collaborative place-based photography project taught by Groundwork Portland and MyStory. At the end of the term, the students exhibit their photographic, written-word, and scientific explorations of their community. Neighbors, business owners, and civic and community leaders are invited to see the impacts of urban contamination and urban revitalization through the eyes of the students.

Groundwork Portland provides educational materials, travel expenses, community teachers, and a stipend to participating teachers. Interested teachers and schools can contact Groundwork Portland for more information and application materials at
[email protected]