Tips to Write a Quality College Application Essay

College Essay

College entrance essay decides your future. Whether or not you are going to study at the University of which you have been dreaming depends on how engaging your essay is. As a matter of fact, ‘engaging’ is really the keyword for you to write an essay that can eliminate the other less interesting ones.

Bear in mind that college life is a competition, and the moment you pick a university, you are already signing up for the screening process. Especially if your choice is one of the top universities, there will be no doubt that to get accepted there, you should have a unique and authentic quality that can beat the other thousands of applicants. The college will filter all of them through many procedures, one of which is college application essay.

Now that you know the nature of the test, here are the hacks for you to craft the best essay that can pave you the path to your favorite college.

Know what’s cliche

The most common negative quality that makes an assessor not to bother finishing an essay is how cliche the content is. Content such as discussing achievements and telling how your struggle was to get them will not make you outstanding at all.

work deskEven if your achievement is one of a kind and is the prestigious one, the place to write about it is on your resume and not on the application essay. When discussed in the essay, it should not take more than ten percent portion of the overall content.

Getting too vague and general with the main idea of your essay can also lead you to write cliche statements like, “to make the world a better place,” or “to contribute to humanity.” Such ideas are alright, but you should think of the details and the analysis. The story alone does not impress the assessor and will not show them the logical flow of your thought.

Sharp minds are more favorable than a good mnemonic because all details can be researched and derived from empirical data, but an analytical mind is beyond that.

Develop your style and keep your content relevant

Keeping yourself updated with the most current issues shows your dedication to the field. Make yourself accustomed to reading academic journals and formal writing.

Reading SourcesTrain yourself to write with the convention of that preferred journal. Compare and contrast your result with other people’s writing. Unless you have cooperative colleagues from your target major, you can consider hiring a writing service instead. Try random services first and opt to buy at less price. From observing those essays and comparing them with the articles from journals, you will see the style difference and know which writing convention is the most acceptable.

After knowing the mechanics of the writing, you should focus yourself on observing the logical flow and the chosen topics. Exposing yourself to the right essays will efficiently influence your writing subconsciously. Your writing depends strongly on the works you have read.

Write an intact concluding paragraph

WritingWandering with ideas on an essay can get you lost easily. Make sure that every idea on the paragraphs serves each other cohesively.

Pay attention to the transition between ideas also, because Writing fluency is measured by the smooth flows between ideas. Whenever you feel like the ideas